Holocaust Art Museum

Holocaust Art Museum

This project has taken over 10 years to reach this stage of completion. It is the creation of artist Judith Dazzio, who describes the inspiration that drove her creativity. The exhibit has been traveling around the United States and is not always on display. Please call us to ask if the Holocaust Museum Art is currently at our gallery.

Several decades ago while in elementary school, my class was visited by a Holocaust Survivor, who’s story has stayed with me throughout my life. I can still see the numbers on her arms. I can see the faded pictures of her children who had been killed, and how she cried when speaking about them. I began this series ten years ago, basing many of the paintings on her story. Therefore, many are historical, limited to the Warsaw ghetto and Birkenaw. The rest of the paintings are in honor of her children, and all of the children lost or who bear the scars of having the live through that time. The paintings reflect my emotional reaction to the helplessness and fear that they must have felt. The historical paintings were also important because I wanted them to be accurate, creative and powerful. They had to show one artist’s vision and style. I believe that I have achieved a melding of historical facts with powerful paintings that evoke emotion and thought. I am pleased that the three paintings from this series that have been entered into competition have all won top international awards. – Judith Dazzio

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Holocaust Art Awards and Reviews

The painting, “Burning of the Warsaw Ghetto” was selected by an author from England to be the cover of his book. He considers the painting to be one of the most important paintings done on the Holocaust.

Three Holocaust Art paintings were entered into competitive shows. The awards below with judges’ comments.

holocaust art painting

“Leaving Home – Moving to the Warsaw Ghetto” – National Acrylic Painter’s Association. 1st Place – Esteemed Judge, Gerald Brommer

“Fear of the Innocents” – Annual All Florida Juried Show – Judge Donald Kuspit, famed New York art critic said of this piece, “it has serious human interest with no loss of aesthetic significance, and is very well executed.”

“Nowhere To Run” – ISAPfl – International Society of Acrylic Painters “Best In Show” – California Judge – Linda Gunn. “I found this painting to be dramatic and well composed. The addition of charcoal ehanced tthe painting. The symbolism of the birds andteh closth about to envelop the child was very miving. The use of simple strong lighting is also a plus.”

Judith Dazzio selected as one of 13 artists from the United States to be included at the NAPA Exhibition at the Williams Museum in Liverpool England.



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