About Judith Dazzio

About Holocaust Art Paintings Artist Judith Dazzio

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Judith Dazzio, Florida Watercolor Society, National Acrylic Painters Association, International Society of Acrylic Painters, International Society of Acrylic Painters – Florida, is the owner and lead instructor at Dazzio Art Experience School of Art. She is also the proprietor of Dazzio Art Gallery in St. Petersburg, Florida. She received her B. S. Degree in Art Education from the University of New Hampshire. Her graduate work was completed at the Massachusetts College of Art and Boston University. Judith lived several years in Louisiana where she taught art and eventually became the State Director of Art Education. After moving to Florida, she continued to teach and paint. She has exhibited in many one person, gallery and Museum shows in both the United States and the United Kingdom. Judith has been painting most of her life, and her work can be found in many collections throughout the world. Her style is considered expressionistic and in most cases includes people.

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Latest News

Judith wins Best In Show at the International Society of Acrylic Painters – Florida (ISAP-FL) 2013 show judged by Italian artist Alfonsina Bozzano of Milan. The painting is from the “Saturday Night” series. A collector of Judith’s paintings recently sold a Dazzio painting at auction for $11,500. The painting is called “Wild Passion” from the experimental horse series.


judith dazzio experimental horse series

Wild Passion

Her latest awards include the “Golden Award” at the Florida Watercolor Society Show and top award the Holbein Award at the International Society of Acrylic Painters Show. She was selected as one of the 13 National artists to show at the Williamson Museum in England. Her jazz painting was selected to be on the annual Clearwater Jazz Holiday Poster for 2007. She was also selected to paint one of the Jim Morrison “doors”…a national competition. These will be published in a book when all are completed. Judith has also formed and leads a group of 70 professional artists known as the Dazzle Art Group. This group is very active in local, regional and national shows and exhibits.


Work experience: Judith has painted professionally throughout her life. She also enjoys teaching other artists, mostly through critiques and experimental challenges. She has taught all age levels throughout her life. She was the Director of Art Education for the State Education Department for the State of Louisiana for four years. While living in Louisiana, she enjoyed painting the rig culture and musicians that lived and worked in New Orleans. She was represented the Sterling Gallery on Royal Street. Unfortunately this and many other successful galleries were forced to close after Hurricane Katrina. She and her family moved Florida and opened the successful Dazzio Art Experience School of Art and the Dazzio Art Gallery in St.Petersburg. St. Petersburg has been named the number 1 art destination for 4 years in a row for cities under 300,000 population. All ages of people make this a very exciting place to live.

Judith’s paintings have won many top awards an dare collected nationally and internationally.

A Few Exhibitions of Judith Dazzio Paintings  – Group and One Person Shows – Judith’s paintings have won many top awards and are collected nationally and internationally.

Judith signing prints for a group of gallery owners

Deland Art Museum • Eckard Art Museum • Edition Museum of Art
Florida South Art Museum • Heritage Gallery • Loveland Colorado Museum of Art • Sterling Gallery – New Orleans • Teco Gallery – Tampa • 2 Person Show with famed photographer Herb Snitzer (jazz paintings and photographs) • Temple Beth El (one of the top 10 showed in USA)  – exhibited 7 years • Louis House Gallery • Provenance Gallery – Sarasota • Morean Art Center • Beach Art Center • Suntan Art Center • Louisiana Tech Museum of Art • Seattle Museum of Art • SanLuis Obispo Art Center – California • Morgan Stanley Investment Corp. • Leepta – Rattner Museum of Art • Williams Museum of Art – Liverpool, England.


The Clay Paintings – “Living In Fear – The Children”

The “Living In Fear” paintings were executed on canvas with a very old clay material used in the dark ages, called “coyc”, pronounced “sous”. Using this material allowed meet express the emotion that these young children lived with, and show how vulnerable they were.

The Encounter • 30″ x 36″

Holocaust Art Paintings Artist Judith Dazzio

Holocaust Art Paintings Artist Judith Dazzio

“Running As Fast As I Can”

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